Forest Service Telework Agreement Form

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Forest Service Telework Agreement Form

Certain current or former mandates or temporary federal employees of a basic or fonal administrative authority. Please read tips for applicants – a guide on the application process for the forest service. Please read the full announcement and all instructions before you begin. You must complete this application process and submit all necessary documents electronically by 11:59 p.m. .m. Eastern Time (ET) as of the reference date of this communication. An online application is highly recommended. We are at your disposal during opening hours (normally 8:00a.m. – 16:00.m., Monday- Friday).

If the online application is a tough one, check the agency contact mentioned below for an alternative method well in advance of the submission deadline. All emergency request packages must be complete and submitted no later than noon AND by the announcement deadline, in order to be entered into the system before closing. This agency shall provide, on a case-by-case basis, appropriate measures for applicants with disabilities; Contact the Agency`s contact to request it. First, click on “Apply Online” and follow the instructions to complete the assessment questionnaire and attach your CV and all the necessary documents. NOTE: When a document is resinmitted, it replaces the previous filing, which means that the previous document is no longer available to the staff office. If you add a request for prior authorization instead of replacing it, you must upload both the old document and the new document. You must verify that documents uploaded from USAJOBs are transferred to the Agency`s human resources system, as the number of documents that can be transferred is limited. However, as soon as you enter the Agency`s personnel system, you have the option to upload additional documents. Applicants can use all necessary documents (e.g.

SF-50s or veteran documents) in one or more files and scan to upload to the application. Each file must not exceed 3 MB. Grouping documents into files simplifies the application process. Documents must be available in one of the following formats: GIF, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG, RTF or Word (DOC or DOCX). Downloaded documents may not require any password, digital signature, or other encryption to be opened. USDA has authorized staff to telework for up to 12 hours per week with the agreement of the supervisor. Appropriate provisions are changes to a job, the working environment or the way things are normally done that allow a person with a disability to apply for a job, perform work tasks or gain equal access to work benefits. Browse and download the forms of your choice issued by the Office of Personnel Management A career in the forest service challenges you to manage and maintain more than 193 million hectares of our nation`s most beautiful countries, conduct research on a network of forest experimentation stations and range and the Forest Products Laboratory, and support public and private forest authorities. It`s a big responsibility, but the rewards are as limitless as the prospects.

Renewable Resource Management – Study of the science and art of renewable resource management to achieve desired outcomes. Examples of eligible courses in this area are silviculture, forest management, wood management, forest fire science or fire management, forest resource use, forest regulation, recreational land management, watershed management, and wildlife or habitat management. Forest biology – Study of the classification, diffusion, characteristics and identification of forest vegetation and interactions between living organisms and the forest environment. . . .