Audi Rental Agreement

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Audi Rental Agreement

Reservations5. ROYALTIES6. Invoicing and payment7. Delivery & collection8. Fuel9. Insurance and protection10. Pick-up of vehicles11. During your rental12. At the end of your rent13. Damage14. Complaints15. Applicable law16.

Corporate clients17. Liability We will check whether a driving licence not issued in the UK is an official full licence valid for the type of vehicle being rented and that the driving licence is valid in the UK and allows the driver to drive in the UK for the duration of the rental. An International Driving Permit issued outside the UK must be presented if the driving licence: if you have not complied with all applicable laws (including road rules) and/or these rental conditions, our insurer may try to recover from you some or all of the fees it has paid to a third party as a result of an incident. You are responsible for all fines and fees due to the use of the vehicle by you or a driver during your rental period, including: you must pay our reasonable fee for setting up the vehicle in the condition of the vehicle you signed before the start of your rental. We do not charge you for damages that are considered appropriate wear and tear. Examples of acceptable fair wear and tear can be found in the In Car Welcome package in the vehicle. If you wish to extend your rental, please contact us as soon as possible and before the end date and time indicated in your rental agreement, to ensure that we are best able to support your request. You and any other designated driver must have a full driver`s license valid for the type of vehicle valid for the duration of the rental. This licence must allow the driver to drive in the UK and have been in possession at least 12 months before the start of your rental. Holders of provisional driving licences must not drive the vehicle. Your original driver`s license and the original driver`s license of each of your other drivers mentioned must be subject to inspection and validation on the day you pick up the vehicle before we hand over the vehicle to you. If a driver`s license does not pass our license validation exams, the driver`s license holder cannot drive the vehicle.

Insurance, maintenance, breakdown and unlimited miles are also included, as well as two free days of silvercar car rental per month. We will verify your identity and address on the day you pick up the vehicle before we approve your rental. Please bring the following documents. We may request additional proof of identity or address if we believe that the documents you provide are not satisfactory and we may refuse to rent the vehicle to you if we remain dissatisfied. . . .