Td Ameritrade Institutional Client Agreement

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Td Ameritrade Institutional Client Agreement

“I am very pleased to offer this additional service to our team members. Golden State Advisors now have additional grip options for their customers` interest, says Daniel R. Catone, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Golden State. This critical integration will allow for ongoing processing from Agreement Express to TD Ameritrade and will further optimize the digital onboarding experience for RIAs and heritage customers. In an ever-changing financial consulting landscape, TD Ameritrade Institutional is committed to supporting RIAs, committed to growing, prospering and improving the lives of their clients. You are in this business because you want to do the best for every person you serve. And we`re here to serve you with creative innovation, dedicated service and open intercession on behalf of independent RIAs. Our integration into the Ameritrade TD platform is representative of our common goals of supporting RIAs who want to develop, prosper and improve the lives of their customers. It also reflects Agreement Express` deep commitment to providing RIAs with a true digital customer boarding experience for multiple customers. Schwab and TD Ameritrade now come together with one goal: to serve them. Learn more about our ongoing commitment, you, your business and your customers.

“Financial institutions have built their reputation on the quality of their customer experience and the speed of customer support,” says Joe Fuca, senior vice president of global sales at DocuSign, Inc. “DocuSign is proud to work with Orion Advisor Services, Laser App and TD Ameritrade Institutional to provide its customers with the fastest, simplest and safest signatures.” “Consultants on our platform have benefited for several years from the integration of the laser application with Veo and are gaining efficiency and precision in creating new customer account applications,” said Jon Patullo, General Manager of Technology Product Management at TD Ameritrade Institutional. “By integrating with DocuSign, we are able to further improve the account opening process. By activating electronic signatures in a digital and straight processing system, we can replace the manual signature of the paper pen, faxing and sending overnight with a one-click process. Registered investment advisor Alex Murguia of McLean, Virginia, has been using DocuSign for several years and has experienced the benefits of reduced papers and faster account openings. “TD Ameritrade Institutional has found a way to significantly reduce and simplify the time and load of opening, managing and updating accounts. Laser App and DocuSign help speed up document processing, reduce legal risks and ensure that compliance can only be processed when all data field and signature registration cards are completed,” said Murguia, Senior Director of McLean Asset Management Corporation. “Thanks to TD Ameritrade Institutional`s technology integration, I can focus more on managing my customer relationship and growing my business.” About TD Ameritrade Institutional TD Ameritrade Institutional is a leading provider of full brokerage and deposit services for more than 4,000 paid and registered investment advisors and their clients. Our advanced technology platform, combined with the personal support of our dedicated service teams, enables investment advisors to manage their practices more efficiently and efficiently, while optimizing time with clients.

JERSEY CITY, N.J.-TD Ameritrade Institutional1 integrates electronic signature and docuSign laser application technology with its Veo-Berater platform to reduce account opening hours from day to minute. With this powerful combination, consultants can simplify the process of sending and signing the document, reduce contract cycle time, reduce costs and improve customer service.